Sunday, 7 October 2012

List Poems

Today the children had a go at writing a list poem  First we did one together about fruit. The children brainstormed and came up with as many fruits as possible. Next we listed 2 fruits and an adjective to describe them, on each line. We made lines 2 and 4 rhyme. We used Rhyme Zone to help us with this.

Here's our group poem.


Yellow banana, juicy nashi pear,
Orange orange, black berry.
Sweet, red currant, water melon,
Soft mango, red cherry.

Sour rhubarb, purple plum,
Gooseberry, green grape.
Crunchy apple, brown, spotted pear,
Yummy strawberry; heart shape. 

Next the children had a go at doing their own poem. L choose animals and R choose transport.

Animal poem by L

Brainstorm by R

Transport poem by R

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