Monday, 20 August 2012

Garden Project - Measuring And Weeding

Spring seems to be arriving, so today we began planning our garden. Firstly the children and I made a sketch map of the garden and measured all the distances along the house, around the fences and along the paths and beds.

Sketch plan

Next I helped R to plot the map and measurements onto graph paper to make a scale plan; 1cm = 1m on the ground. The garden has quite a slope to it so we roughly indicated that too. We will use this plan as a base for designing our garden and planning where to put plants etc.

Scale plan of the garden

Our square foot garden was looking rather neglected so the children helped to remove all the dead plants, harvest what remained and dig the soil over ready for planting. We got rid of lot of snails  after we'd had a good look and scream at them.

A very neglected veggie patch

Removing flowered lettuce

Getting rid of flowering lettuce

Harvesting spring onions

Celery and spring onions from the veggie patch

Digging the soil over

All ready for replanting

We transplanted some flowers from the square foot garden into a pot as they seemed to have some life still in them.

Filling the pot with soil

Planted up ready to grow

We have lots of plans for the garden so watch this space.

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