Saturday, 21 July 2012

Similes Poems

This morning we worked on poems using similes. First we made a poem together about the Sun. We brainstormed ideas about the features of the sun such as hot, bright and round. Next we came up with other things that share these characteristics. Then we wrote the poem together using our ideas.

The Sun

The Sun is like a camp-fire,
Warming people up.

It's orange like a mandarin,
Helping plants grow.

The Sun is bright like a rainbow,
Giving colourful light to people.

It's a circle like a satellite dish,
Looking up to space.

By R and L

Next the children used the same method to come up with a poem about the moon.

Brainstorm by R

Poem by R

The Moon

The Moon is a rock with holes like a colander,
Filtering aliens from Mars.

It's silver like a coin,
Shining to the Earth.

The Moon is a semi-circle like an apple cut in half,
Feeding a greedy alien. 

By R

The Moon

The Moon is like a coin,
Spinning in space.

It's like a freezing drop of water,
Dripping from an icicle.

It shines in the night sky,
Like the headlights on a car. 

The Moon looks like a crescent shape,
Like a boomerang in flight. 

By L

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