Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Machines Week - Wheels

That axle is a bit long! 

Today we carried on with our machines week and looked at wheels. First we talked about wheels being useful for moving things, by reducing friction. The children used rollers to move a load of bricks.

Carrying a heavy load with rollers

Carrying a heavy load with rollers

We talked about how wheels are combined with axles to make simple machines. We had a look at the bikes to see how wheels and axles work together and to find which axles are connected to the pedals.

Pedals power the back wheel

The front wheel is free spinning

The children looked around the house to find other wheels and axles, such as in the door knob.  We had a look at some toys and identified the axles, this truck actually has 5 of them.

Finding the axles 

We talked about friction and tried to push a car (box) along the carpet without any wheels. It didn't get far so the children gave it some wheels.

Wheels and axle ready

Attaching the wheels to the car

Now it goes well

Lastly we read about cams and how they can change rotary movement into vertical movement. We made this model to find out how.


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