Sunday, 15 July 2012

Machines Week - Levers

Today we finished off machines week by studying levers. First we read the book to get some information and ideas.

Then we experimented with levers lifting weights. The children changed the position of the fulcrum (pivot point) and noticed how more or less force was needed to lift the blocks. We used weights to find out exactly how the amount of force needed to lift the blocks changed when the fulcrum was moved.

Only a few weights needed when the fulcrum is near the load

Lots more weights needed when the fulcrum is far from the load

The number of weights needed (in each pile) to lift the blocks depending on the position of the fulcrum

To finish off the week R and Dad dismantled a bike using a variety of tools. They looked for the machines such as wheels, gears, and levers that we have been studying. There was lots of talk about how each piece on the bike works.


After - the other parts were rusted in place

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