Monday, 21 May 2012

Phoenician Glass

Today we have been learning about ancient Phoenicians. We found out that they were the first people's to successfully make blown glass objects. The children made some coloured fake glass using wax crayons.

First we cut out 2 ovals each from baking paper and then placed crayon pencil shavings on top of 1 oval.

Next we added some sequins and bits of sparkly threads along with more wax.

Once we had a good layer of wax we embedded a hanging thread within it and then covered it with the other oval of baking paper. We then ironed the wax sandwich between sheets of newspaper. 

Once the wax ovals were cool we peeled them off the baking paper and then hung them up in a sunny window.

By L

By R

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  1. Great project! I've been wondering how to do this kind of thing without the wax paper they sell in America. These look so neat!