Monday, 20 February 2012

Sydney University Museums

Sydney University

Today we went to the Sydney University Museums. Our main aim was to see a real Egyptian mummy so we headed first to the Nicholson Museum which covers Egyptian history (and other periods).

Mummy of a priest

Priest's mummy case

Mummy of a 5 year old boy - same age as R

Canopic jar and Shabtis

Mummified cat

Mummified crocodiles

Part of a tomb wall painting

Whilst we were in the area we also went to see the natural history collections at the nearby Macleay museum.

Jars of fish and sea horses

Mouse deer - the worlds smallest hoofed mammal


A jar of rats


Both museums are very small and old fashioned with lots of specimens and few interactives. Its was great to have the children focus on the objects and not on computer screens. We had a great day.

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