Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Making Our Mummy - Part 1

Today we began making a mummified fish. The first part of the process uses a mixture of salt and baking soda which is similar in composition to the naturally occurring natron used by the ancient Egyptians. The natron will dry the body out before it is wrapped.

We used a small fish as our "body". I had the fishmonger remove the internal organs. The Egyptians would have placed the organs into canopic jars. First we cleaned the fish and washed it in wine just like the Egyptians would have done.

Washing the body in wine

Washing the body in wine

Next we stuffed the body cavity with natron. This will dry out the inside and help to preserve the shape.

Stuffing the body with natron

Stuffing the body with natron

We then laid the body on a layer of natron and then covered it over with more. We'll leave it for a week before we take a look.

Covering the body with natron

Check back next week to see how it goes.

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