Saturday, 11 February 2012

Home-School Camp # 2

All the kids on the beach

We just got back from our second home-school camp at Ocean Beach Holiday Park in Umina. This time we were joined by even more of our home educated friends for a week of socialising.

It was pretty much like the last camp with lazy days spent at the pool and beach. playing together, barbecuing, and hanging out at the playground.

Here's my top 7 great memories:

  • My L (age 3) and B (age 12) interacting together so beautifully. I could see lots of love in their faces.
  • The dads organising and playing a game of football with the kids - my R's first real game. 
  • My L finally being brave enough to go on the jumping pillow.
The jumping pillow

  • My R sitting on a rock for ages gazing out to sea thinking; "its very relaxing" he said. 
  • The younger children working together to build a bird's nest from grass.
Making a birds nest

  • R and L riding around together on a go cart. 
Go cart

  • And finally all the adults drinking and having a laugh together in the evenings. 
Mums and Dads

Here's a few more nice photos from the trip.

Sand sun by L


R and Z his best friend

At the playground

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