Saturday, 21 January 2012

Walk Like Egyptians

In our history lessons this week we have been learning about early Egypt. We found out about the Upper and Lower Egyptian kingdoms which eventually became one kingdom. The Pharaoh of the whole of Egypt wore a double crown made up of the white crown of Upper Egypt and the red crown of Lower Egypt.  The Pharaoh also carried a crook to symbolise him looking after the people and a flail symbolising the fertile lands.

We made our own dressing up costumes and became Pharaohs.  The white part of the crown is paper mache and the red part is card. The crook and flail are made from mache covered newspaper rolls with egg boxes. The clothes are old curtains from our dress up box.

Later we added make up too!

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  1. How fabulous -- and these pictures are adorable!!

    (I found this blog searching for how to make a crown like this...and I'm glad I did! many thanks.)