Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Picasso - Artist Study - Autoportrait

Today we began our term long study of the artist Picasso. We have already been to see the exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (see previous post). Today we read a short biography, written for children,  available from Making Art Fun. Afterwards we tried our first narration. I wrote key words down whilst the children told me what they could remember about Picasso's life. R then completed this note book page available from Practical Pages, (that's supposed to be Cubism at the bottom!)

The children then completed a colouring page, of a Picasso self portrait available from Super Colouring, which they then used to decorate their artist notebook.

We then spent time looking at the picture Autoportrait, painted in 1906. We have seen the real thing in the art gallery. I gave the children time to look and then I removed the painting. They told me all they noticed about it and I recorded this for their notebook.

Later R had assigned reading time. I wasn't sure how this would go but he soon got stuck into a Picasso book.

We will be studying a different picture each week and for some we will make our own versions. Come back soon for a look.

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