Friday, 25 November 2011

History Street - Medieval Hall

We have spent a couple of days making a medieval hall with our own version of wooden beams, wattle and daub. It was a real family project with everyone getting hands-on.

First we researched how the houses were made and then constructed the "oak" frame from lolly sticks.

Next we constructed the woven "willow" wattle from straws and pipe cleaners. This was very fiddly and would have been easier if we had constructed the walls before they were joined together to make the house, however it's more authentic this way!

The beams were painted black to make them look more realistic. We then added our version of "mud, clay and straw" daub using tile grout.

Finally we glued on our roof  "tiles" which were made from squares of card cut out with a craft punch.

I think the children learnt a lot about the process of building the house even if the materials were not authentic, and it looks pretty good too.

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