Tuesday, 29 November 2011

History Street - Bayko Brick House

Today R built these houses using a toy first manufactured in 1935; Bayko building sets. I have a set that belonged to my mother as a child which was made post 1960 and another set purchased from a car boot sale which dates somewhere between 1935-1959. Find out a bit more about the history of the toy here.

First we took a look at all the pieces and chose a simple model to construct.

Building the models involved lots of fine motor skills, measuring (to choose the base rods), and following plans. 

Here R is following the instructions and adding the metal rods to a base board to create the frame of the house. Next he slides bricks, windows and doors into position. 

We tried a trickier two storey model too. Here are the results:

Our history street now has several different buildings from a range of time periods.

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