Thursday, 13 October 2011

River Study Part 1

We have joined with friends to make a study of the Grose River at Navua Reserve. We are using the water wise lesson plan, student worksheets and bug guide. Before our visit we decided to take a look at the site and the surrounding area using Google maps and Google Earth. R "flew" from the rivers source, in the mountains, to its end, at the Tasman Sea. Lots of new vocabulary came up as we discussed what we could see.

We also went to the library and got out some books about rivers to help us with the vocabulary used in the lessons.

Once at the river we had to do some drawings and maps of the area.

River map by R

Site view by L

Site view by R

Cross section by R - depicting the river in flood

We used a tape measure to find the length of our section, and I showed the children how to use a clinometer to measure the steepness of each bank. We also took some photos up and down stream. All this involved wading through the freezing water.

Children at work

Upstream view

Down stream view

We also had to take note of the type of river bed, plants growing in the river, shape and erosion of the banks and any features of Aboriginal significance. Next time we will be testing the water quality and finding out what creatures live there.

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