Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Balanced Meals

The children have been learning about different food groups and what each group contributes to the body. We have discussed the importance of eating foods from each food group to keep us healthy. We made our own "fake foods", the children had to choose items from each food group; energy foods (carbohydrates), growth foods (protein), fruit and vegetables - (vitamins and minerals), and bone building foods (dairy). Here's what we made from real dried food, cotton wool, sponges, beads, buttons, wool, paint and glue.

Meatballs with rice, broccoli and carrots in a tomato sauce topped with grated cheese -  by R

Sausage on toast with tomatoes, peas, carrots, grated cheese and ketchup - by L

Pasta with ham, peas and carrots in a cheese sauce  - by Mum

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