Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Australian Museum

Today we headed into Sydney city to the Australian Museum. This museum houses mainly natural history specimens along with Aboriginal artefacts. First we went to see the Birds of Paradise temporary exhibition. Unfortunately we couldn't take photos due to the specimens delicate nature. We saw many exotic birds along with ceremonial headdresses and other items made from their feathers. L and R dressed up as birds and strutted their stuff in front of the camera. 

Next we went to "Search and Discover", the hands on area. We spent quite a bit of time here using the microscopes and touching specimens.

They also have a variety of live creatures in this area including lizards, spiders and stick insects. R helped out by sorting through stick insect droppings to find the eggs which he removed with tweezers into the collecting pot.

L admires the stick insects

We had a go at drawing some of the birds we had seen in the exhibition. 

Bird of Paradise by R

Similar to "Search and Discover" the museum also has a hands on area aimed at under 5s called "Kidspace". Here we investigated more specimens and also had a play.

We then went to look around the other permanent galleries including "Surviving Australia", "Dinosaurs", "Minerals" and "Skeletons". All of these have specimens to touch and "Surviving Australia" also has many live creatures such as snakes and crocodiles. 

Digging for dinosaur bones
Digging for dinosaur bones

Too small to ride the bike R powers it with his hands instead

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