Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tickletown-part 4

We finally finished making the last of the mail for the residents of Tickletown (our junk model village). R used a scrapbook program to make a party invitation.
Party invite by R
We don't have a post van vehicle so we "resprayed" our police van with Australia Post logos.

R converts the police van into a post van
I photographed all the parcels and letters that we had made and then printed them small so they would fit inside the van. The kids used their cutting skills to crop them to size.

Our mail printed in miniature
We made a sorting box for letters and R used his knowledge of the alphabet to put the road names on in alphabetical order. He then sorted the mail.

Sorting the mail to be delivered
Both children worked to separate the parcels from the letters and we used maths vocabulary and our balance scales to order and label the parcels according to size, shape and weight.

L collects all the parcels together
R working out which parcels are the heaviest
Ordering parcels according to size
We played a great game to deliver the mini letters and parcels around Tickletown. One person chose a piece of mail , read the address and loaded it into the van. They then had to guide the other person (the van driver) around the town until they reached the delivery address. Lots of vocabulary came up including, left and right, compass points, road names, junction names, landmarks, and coordinates. Real live sat nav! The children spent the afternoon directing each other around Tickletown.

L is directed to drive the van over the bridge and past the library

R drives the post van North

L makes her delivery in Bridge Street

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