Sunday, 1 May 2011

Maths at home

Maths is one of our favourite subjects. We use Studyladder maths website and Targeting Maths books, along with integrating maths into other subjects like geography, music and cooking.

I chose the Targeting Maths books because they are bright and clear with not too much on each page. They also feature lots of open-ended investigations and hands on activities. Today we worked on a weighing activity. We needed to use scales to answer the questions in the book.

R uses the balance to find out how many blocks weigh the same as his pencils
Answers recorded in the book. We had to weigh shoes too!
R loves mental maths problems and often asks me to shout out questions to him whilst he rides his scooter in the garden. He's interested in big numbers and negative numbers. I get most of my maths equipment from Learning Resources (who also sell through Amazon). There's also lots of maths (and other subject) printables at Sparklebox which is where we found the number line bookmark. We also use lots and lots of board games which cover maths, some of the best are made by Orchard Toys. L and R also enjoy number jigsaw puzzles and songs on CD.

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