Friday, 26 February 2016

Western Australian Maritime Museum

Today we went to the Western Australia Maritime Museum. We went along especially to see the Da Vinci Machines exhibition. In the photo above you can see the children built a bridge using Da Vinci's design. There's no glues, bolts or nails here. The wooden pieces are just woven together.

There were lots of machines to try out in the hands-on gallery.

People powered tank

Siege engine

Pumping water

Hammering machine

We also had a tour of the submarine.

Torpedo tubes and escape suit

Around the rest of the museum the mega-mouth shark in alcohol was our favourite exhibit.

Of course there were plenty of boats and other hands-on exhibits.

Merchant trading gems

Spice traders

Grinding and smelling and spices

Winding in the sails

Huge sail-boat
The children liked these statues outside the museum:

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