Friday, 16 January 2015


This week we have been finding out about soil and doing a few experiments. I don't know why L has been wearing a woolly red hat when its over 35C!

We made an edible soil profile:

Our garden has the local clay soil and also some nicer, organic rich soil in the veggie patch. We ground up both types and mixed it with gel medium to make paint. The clay gave us an orange paint whilst the soil from the veggie patch was darker brown.

We learnt about the different types of soil and the different particle sizes. In this experiment we mixed a soil sample with water and let it settle to see how much of each type it was composed from. Gravel and sand settled first. It took a few hours for the silt particles to settle. As you can see from the colour of the water there are still lots of clay particles suspended in it. We'll wait a few days to see if it settles.

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