Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rainbow Rock Cakes

Today we have been learning about the different rock types and how they can form layers. What better way to explain this than to make a stratigraphy cake!

For this you will need your basic cake mixture. Add the following ingredients to portions of the batter:

  • Mud (cocoa)
  • Lava (red colour)
  • Sand (coconut and yellow colour)
  • Limestone (blue colour)
  • Rocks and minerals (nuts, seeds, raisins, chocolate drops)
  • Fossils (jelly snake sweets)
  • Crystals (silver cake decorations)
  • Boulders (marshmallows)
Once you have all your rock types layer them up in a cake tin and bake. You might find that the heat inside the Earth (oven) metamorphoses some of your rock layers. In our cake our lava layer remelted and convected all over the place, it looks like it's nearly ready to erupt!

And of course you can't get more rock like than rocky-road, which we likened to glacial till.

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