Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Colourful, Musical Weather

Today we used our creative skills in our weather unit study. The children used our various percussion instruments to compose a piece of music to represent different weather such as rain, wind, thunder, snow and sunshine. We also made our own rain stick from a packing tube with nails pushed into it and filled with bird seed and rice.

Push some nails into a packing tube from all directions

Seal the end then pour in some rice and bird seed

Seal the other end and then tip up the tube to hear the rain sound

We also investigated rainbows before trying this colour mixing experiment. Add some drops of food colour to a dish of full fat milk or cream. Drop in a little washing up liquid to break up the fat in the milk. Watch the colours mix.

We also got our glacier out of the freezer. Its made from water mixed with soil, sand and small stones. We sprayed a tin with oil and then coated it in flour to represent the soil and rock beneath the glacier. We slid our glacier over the surface and watched how it scoured the surface and added more material to its base.

The children also made these spirals to demonstrate the upward movement of warm air currents.

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