Saturday, 8 February 2014

Renaming Camden

This week we have been learning how to us a thesaurus. I tied this into our local studies project on our local area of Camden. The children used the local map to find interesting place names. Next they used their thesaurus to change the name whilst keeping the meaning similar. Here's some of what they came up with:

By L

Spring Farm became "Well plantation"
Glen Alpine became "Gully Mountain"
Fury Drive became "Angry Road"
Chain-O-Ponds became "Rope-O-Billabongs"

By R

Grasmere became "Field Lake"
Gledswood Hills became "Lumber Clearing Mount"
Queen Street became "Royal Road"
Pepperfields Close became  "Spicepark Road"

Next we turned to the council slogan which is currently "Camden A Tidy Town"
So the children changed it around trying out different versions using a thesaurus.

L came up with:

"Camden - A Pretty, Precious Village"

And R had:

"Camden - A Crazy Township"

Much better than the original don't you think?

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