Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Coffs Harbour - The Journey

We decided to have a week away exploring parts of New South Wales we haven’t visited before. We picked Coffs Harbour as it has a nice mix of natural and tourist attractions. It takes around 6.5 hours to drive up to Coffs Harbour so we decided to break the journey and see some national parks on the way up.

Our first stop was Crowdy Bay National Park. Here we took a short stroll through the rainforest onto the beach. We spotted this goanna up a tree searching for ants. There were many, many types of birds in the forest and we recognised the call of the Lyrebird although we didn't see one.

We took the gravel road up through the park spotting more goannas and some kangaroos along the way. 

We stopped again at Diamond Head for a stroll along the beach to some interesting rock formations surrounded by bright blue water. As usual L collected lots of shells.

Further up the coast we visited Kattang Nature Reserve for some spectacular views back across the national park.

Our last detour was an upward spiralling drive over 490m above sea level to the lookouts in Dooragan NationalPark. Here we took a stroll through more rainforest to lookouts over the many lakes in the region. After that it was back on the highway again for the rest of the trip to Cofffs Harbour.

We stayed in cabins at Sawtell Beach Holiday Park and were pleasantly surprised by the weather which is a great deal warmer than Sydney. The children were hoping to see possums around the camp-site but our torches revealed nothing. 

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