Friday, 15 March 2013

Camden Show 2013

Lawnmower racing

Today we attended the annual Camden Show. As well as being a great day out,  it ticked lots of boxes education wise. We learnt about loads of things from wool production to water salinity, composting to emergency services, reptiles to pasta making, farming, cooking damper and loads more.

Here the children are learning about water salinity (and also about gas extraction, energy saving and geology)

Finished damper and it tasted yummy

Pegasus sand sculpture

Wool from different sheep breeds

Spot the scarecrows

Different ways of processing corn

Pasta making (we also saw how wheat is made into flour)

R was fascinated with this wormy compost, especially with the creatures inside and the worms eggs

Nature table

How to spin wool

We used microscopes for looking at worms and other creatures

Patting some of the many farm animals

Salty in the reptile show

These cows were huge.

Checking out the fire trucks

State emergency services

How not to put out an oil fire - don't add water

Lumberjacks show

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