Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sports Report

Today the children wrote sports reports based on our Olympic day.  You can get the worksheets from Primary Texts. Here's R's

Mum Falls Off Scooter

Cassie and Bronwyn raced on scooters and Bron fell off. It was Friday 10th at the park. Bron did a wheelie and fell off and broke her nose and her arm. Jaiden was crying and Brandon said "Oh God". 

Lilly did a report too but it didn't scan well. Here is hers:

Mum breaks Nose

Cassie and Bron raced on scooters and Bron fell. Cassie was winning then Bron fell off and hurt her nose and broke her arm. Bron said "Owwwww". 

Typical of the children to focus on the disastrous part of the day. Get well soon Bron. xxx

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