Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Garden Project - Evaluating and pH

Today we carried on with our garden plans by adding some colour and a key.

By R

By L

We used this pH meter to take readings across the garden to find out what type of soil we have. We marked the pH's on an overlay on top of our maps. We found we have a slightly acid soil from pH 6.9 - 6.2. We will later look up the type of plants that like this soil. We also marked on our overlays where we have shady areas.

We talked about what we use the garden for and we made a graph to show the different uses and how often the garden is used per week. We discussed what we needed to keep in our garden design so that we could still do all these activities. Unfortunately for some, the tarmacking of the whole site for a bike track would mean that we wouldn't be able to do many other things.

Garden uses by L 

Garden uses by R

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