Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Clay People

Today we had a go at making clay people. We used air dry clay. You can buy a pack of clay tools cheaply at Top Dollar or one of the other cheap stores. Before we began the piece we had a play with all the tools so we knew what they did.

Firstly we rolled out a slab of clay until it was about 2cm thick.

Next we placed a man template on top and cut around it - don't forget the lines right up the arm pits and middle of the legs. 

We then used a loop clay tool to reduce the thickness of the legs and arms whilst leaving the body the same. We did this front and back. Carve away some clay at the neck and waist.

Working on the back we attached lumps of clay for the shoulder muscles, butt cheeks and calf muscles. We indented the spine with a finger. Everything needed to be smoothed and rounded.

Back of R's man

Back of L's man

Back of Mum's man

Next we added muscles and boobs to the front. L decided hers was pregnant and added a big tummy. We added detail to the face and again smoothed and rounded everything.

Front of R's man

Front of L's lady (2 dots on the belly are the babies eyes looking out)

Mum's figure

The people were a bit to bendy to stand upright so we put them into a sitting pose.

L's pregnant lady

R's muscle man

Now we have to let them dry and hope they don't crack.

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