Friday, 31 August 2012

Australian Museum - Deep Oceans

Today we went to the Australian Museum to have a look at the new Deep Oceans temporary exhibition.  It's one of the best they have had with a fab mix lots of real specimens, models, interactives and visuals. As you enter the exhibition they have this huge rotating globe showing all the undersea trenches and mountains.

The children were very wary of this huge (real dried) Sunfish.

R and the Sunfish

The children use this arm squashing machine to experience the effects of pressure on the body at depth.

Pressure machine

Giant squid model

There was a section on the black smokers from the hydrothermal vents along the Mid Atlantic Ridge - part of which you can see in the picture below. R was interested in the plate tectonics interactives and video.

Part of a black smoker

There was a huge model of an Angler fish. L wasn't too sure about it.

We have been learning about bones and skin this week so we investigated the rest of the museum, particularly Search and Discover (hands on area) to see what skin and bone specimens we could find.

The children enjoyed touching specimens and playing on the computers. R also spent some time sorting stick insect eggs from their poos - great for fine motor skills!

R working with an ocean creatures CD ROM

Putting the fossil together

Hatchet fish in alcohol

Pickled lizards

Looking for stick insect eggs

Collecting eggs from the poo tray

Whilst we were at the museum we renewed our membership, it's definitely worth getting because we will visit several times a year.

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