Sunday, 24 July 2011

Describing And Sorting Materials

As part of our science project we have been exploring materials. I made a collection of different things from around the house. We talked about what the word "material" means and the children freely explored the samples.

Exploring materials

Lots of vocabulary came up straight away. I extended this by playing a feely bag game.  The children had to use at least 3 words to describe the material in the bag before guessing what it was.

R feels inside the bag

L feels inside the bag
Next I asked the children to sort the materials into groups any way they wanted. They mainly focused on what type of material the item was made from but they also had a group of stretchy things. I had included some tricky items like foiled plastic.

Sorting materials into groups
I gave them some preprepared vocabulary to label their groups with, encouraging them to read the words and discuss their meaning. The words are now on display in the project area.

Vocabulary labels added to the groups
Soon we will be testing the properties of some of these materials. Check back soon.

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