Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Number Line

Here's a great way to make a number line using things around the house. Its great for children just beginning to count.

Firstly collect lots of small, light weight objects from around the house. You'll need a set of 20, 19 18..... down to a single item. Mix them up and then present to the children to sort into groups.

L and R sort out the items, L collects pom-poms, R collects balloons
All the objects sorted into groups
Next ask the children to count each group of objects and place into a sandwich bag.

L counts the shells. 20
Place the objects into a sandwich bag and write on how many there are.

L put the 20 shells into a bag
R has a bag of 11 brads
Once all the objects are bagged lay them out on a table. Add a zero bag too.

All our objects are counted, bagged and labelled
String up a washing line. Ask the children to bring the bags up in order, starting with zero, and peg them on the line. 

Our finished number line
Now the really difficult part. Where do you put it!!!  Ours is wrapped around our stair banister for now.

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