Friday, 20 May 2011

Tickletown - final installment

We finally got to scaling down our Tickletown (junk model village) map to a more user friendly size. R looked at lots of different maps and we talked about what information they showed (including a key and a scale). We shrunk down the map by copying each square into a smaller square, one at a time, using a scale of 1cm on the small map = 5cm on the "real" town. This was quite challenging! R added the compass points, scale and a key. We used rulers and tape measures to check the accuracy of our smaller map against the original, using our 5 times tables of course!
Tickletown map 1:1 scale
Tickletown 1:5 scale map
Tickletown 1:5 scale map
Well after writing so much mail for our residents of Tickletown we thought we should send a real letter. R wrote this lovely one to his grandparents, its just waiting for us to get into town to post it.
A real letter to Nanny & Granddad

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